Ou sommes nous

Ou sommes nous a Dovje:

  1. when you will approach to the village Dovje (before leaving the main road) please STOP using car navigation, because it will not show you the right way and not get you at our house!!!
  2. to find us in the village Dovje please use only those our advices bellow:
  • DON’T turn in Dovje in the first indication for Dovje, but keep follow the main road (Jesenice – Kranjska Gora)
  • turn in the village Dovje at second exit (exactly where are the lights = semaphore on the main road)
  • then strictly follow our map: we advice you that you print the photo bellow, our house number is Dovje 98 (not 98a or 98b but 98)


  • if you could send us short sms message at our mobile phone+ 386 41 743 543 when you will enter to the village, we will wait you outside in front of the house