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Eco-friendly accommodation in Julian Alps

Sustainable Alpine Tourism

Around 120 million tourists visit the Alps every year making the impact of tourism on Alpine nature considerable. New waves of ‘mass tourism’ threaten to destroy pristine wildlife areas.
Nature knows no boundaries, neither do the problems it faces. In order to protect Alpine nature in its entirety, a more comprehensive approach is needed. The new European Alpine Programmes offers just that.

The alpine ecosystem is one of the most important elements of the global scientific and political program. Special attention is paid to species and ecosystem diversity, structural and functional organization of ecosystems, water management, global changes (climate, land use), ecological prospects, mountain landscape use, biological resources, ecosystem protection and restoration measures, sustainable management ecological education issues.
But not all forms of tourism threaten Alpine nature. In fact, sustainable designed tourism can be used instead to promote the protection of natural areas in the Alps.
International cooperation across the Alps will be key to saving Alpine nature.

Apartments Triglav runs fully on solar energy. Travelers who want to leave a smaller carbon footprint when they explore the world may consider staying at an Eco-accommodations or resort. Green transportation, bikes, and electric cars are encouraged. The resort and our self we are passionately committed to both social responsibility: via education and reducing the carbon footprint. To reduce our ecological footprint and to reduce carbon emissions, we replaced fossil fuels with renewable solar energy sources. Better energy efficiency is the most rapid way to reduce CO2 emissions what was our goal for several years already.

So why we are committed to implementing sustainable practices, energy-efficient heating, cooling, and lighting, as well as other unique environmentally focused initiatives. The fully solar-powered Apartments Triglav sits in Triglav National Park, offering numerous trail options to explore. The resort run on solar power. Solar panels heat the hot water and produce electricity, which is then used for daily needs and heating. Our aim is to reduce, as much as possible, the negative impacts on the environment. Thank you for your cooperation in achieving this goal.

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