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Program Affiliate Apartments Triglav



What is the affiliate program?
The affiliate program is an online marketing tool where anyone with an online presence who wants to sell Apartments Triglav accommodations, can join and receive a sales commission. The Apartments Triglav Affiliate Program allows you to generate revenue by placing Apartments Triglav banners and textual links on your website, social media posts, in newsletters, and email promotions. When a visitor clicks on one of your Apartments Triglav affiliate links and makes a purchase within 30 days of the initial click-through, you’ll receive a commission.

Who’s eligible to become an affiliate?
Anyone with an active website, blog, email list, or social media presence that is in line with the Apartments Triglav vision and brand can join our affiliate program. You will also need to provide a valid web URL, mailing address, and tax information to receive payments.

How do I sign up?
It’s easy and free to become an affiliate:

  • To get started, click here and complete the online application. We’ll review the application and respond to you as soon as possible.
  • After your application has been approved, you’ll be able to choose the banners or links that you want to appear on your website, blog, social media posts or in your email promotions. You’ll also have access to reports on how your links are performing and how much you’ve earned.
  • Apartments Triglav issues commission payments within a week after guests departures, and remember, you’ll receive commission on any paid orders placed within 30 days of your referral

What are your application approval guidelines?
We encourage all interested sites to apply to our program. However, before you can participate in our program, we will need to approve your sites. Mainly we look for sites that:

  • Are aesthetically pleasing
  • Match our target audience
  • Are consistent with our products, brand, and business model
  • Follow our Terms & Conditions
  • Do not display content that may be deemed pornographic, offensive, or inappropriate

Please note that while we accept a variety of sites into the program, we reserve the right to refuse any site that does not comply with our Terms & Conditions. Unsuitable websites include those that display content that may be deemed pornographic, offensive, or inappropriate; or those that participate in any sort of fraudulent activity including use of misleading or fraudulent means to prompt clicks, “black hat” SEM/SEO practices, or infringement upon any Apartments Triglav trademarks or Author marks.

How do I generate revenue?
As a Apartments Triglav Affiliate, you will have access to links and/or banners that you can place on your website, blog, social media posts, or in email promotions. These links will drive traffic to the Apartments Triglav managed website and Apartments Triglav will pay you a commission for each purchase you generate from your link. You’ll earn commission on any paid order placed with us by the individual within 30 days of your referral to this website: