Safety Measures Apartments Triglav

Safety Measures Apartments Triglav

Safety Measures Covid-19

We are taking additional protective measures to keep the travellers that do reach our apartment house safe:

  • this includes increased cleaning and sterilisation,
  • clear signage on washing hands,
  • ensuring social distancing by limiting the number of guests staying in ours apartments and/or those accessing common areas,
  • the social spaces are available only outside,
  • we provide apartments for up to 2 persons maximum to promote safe distancing,
  • unregistered guests are not allowed in the apartments and the property resort,
  • our resort is physically enclosed so that no one foreign persons cannot enter, only registered guests can enter with remote control

Hand disinfectants are available to guests upon entry to the property and on every floor. Guests are requested to properly disinfect their hands each time they enter and exit the apartment.

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