Dovje Mojstrana

The Olympic Square Mojstrana

The twin villages of Dovje and Mojstrana rest in one of the most stunning locations in Slovenia. They have a total population of about 2000. In their rich sports history, as many as 21 Olympians came from these villages.


The Olympic Square has been set up in Mojstrana in memory of 21 Olympians who come from our villages below Triglav. On the way to the Olympic rounds, you will be able to read all the big names of domestic athletes.
The square offers a beautiful alpine stage for performers and is large enough for a thousand visitors. There is also a children’s corner and equipped with drinking water and electricity.
Welcome to take a walk in the Olympic Square Mojstrana through the sport’s history of the places or take part in events.

Olympians from the Local Community Dovje-Mojstrana:

1Jožko JanšaDovje1928 St. MoritzCross-country skiing
2Janko JanšaDovje1928 St. MoritzCross-country skiing
3Albin JakopičMojstrana1936 Garmisch-PartenkirchenCross-country skiing,

Ski jumping

4Avgust JakopičMojstrana1936 Garmisch-PartenkirchenCross-country skiing
5Alojz KlančnikMojstrana1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen,

1948 St. Moritz

Cross-country skiing
6Karel KlančnikMojstrana1948 St. Moritz, 1952 OsloSki jumping
7Janez PoldaMojstrana1948 St. Moritz,

1952 Oslo,

1956 Cortina d’Ampezzo

Ski jumping
8Zdravko HlebanjaMojstrana1956 Cortina d’AmpezzoCross-country skiing
9Mara RekarMojstrana1956 Cortina d’AmpezzoCross-country skiing
10Ciril KlinarMojstrana1968 GrenobleIce hockey
11Marjan PečarMojstrana1968 GrenobleSki jumping
12Edvard HafnerBelca1976 Innsbruck,
1984 Sarajevo
Ice hockey
13Tone DjuričičMojstrana1980 Lake PlacidCross-country skiing
14Zvonko ŠuvakBelca1984 SarajevoIce hockey
15Dušan MrakMojstrana1984 SarajevoCross-country skiing
16Rajko LotričBelca1988 CalgarySki jumping
17Jure KoširMojstrana1992 Albertville,

1994 Lillehammer,

1998 Nagano,

2002 Salt Lake City

Alpine skiing
18Alenka DovžanMojstrana1994 Lillehammer,
1998 Nagano,
2002 Salt Lake City
Alpine skiing
19Aleš BrezavščekMojstrana1998 NaganoAlpine skiing
20Uroš PavlovčičDovje2002 Salt Lake CityAlpine skiing
21Urška RabičMojstrana2006 TorinoAlpine skiing

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