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Welcome to Apartments Triglav

Welcome to Apartments Triglav

Villages Dovje-Mojstrana situated in specially healthy climate resort in Triglav national park The last hamlet before you enter Triglav National Park is an ideal starting point to conquer the Julian Alps and Karavanke.

Dovje is a small thousand-year-old village, which is one of the sunniest villages in Slovenia and enjoys a beautiful view to the highest mountain Triglav. Situated is 22 km from Bled (Bohinj and Bovec, Soča around 45 km) and 13 km from Kranjska Gora. In the village of Dovje in the area of Julian Alps and Triglav national park you can find also a great accommodation in the Apartments Triglav.


Apartments Triglav run fully on solar energy

Travellers who want to leave a smaller carbon footprint when they explore the world may consider staying at an Eco-accommodations or resort. Green transportation, bikes and electric cars, is encouraged. The resort and our self we are passionately committed to both social responsibility: via education and reducing the carbon footprint. To reduce our ecological footprint and to reduce carbon emissions, we replaced fossil fuels with renewable solar energy sources. Better energy efficiency is the most rapid way to reduce CO2 emissions what was our goal from several years already. So why we are committed to implementing sustainable practices, energy efficient heating, cooling and lighting, as well as other unique environmentally focused initiatives.

The fully solar-powered Apartments Triglav sits in Triglav National Park, offering numerous trail options to explore. The resort run on solar power. Solar panels heat the hot water and produce the electricity, which is then used for daily needs and heating.

Travellers consciously, making yourself and Mother Earth happy, by lodging in Eco-friendly accommodations. Green living, recycling and composting programs, serving regional produce, and reducing their environmental impact are only some of the ways these accommodations participate in sustainable tourism.

An Eco house, or a green house, is an environmentally sustainable lodge or accommodation that has made important environmental improvements to its structure in order to minimise its impact on the natural environment. The basic definition of an Eco-friendly accommodation is an environmentally responsible lodging that follows the practices of green living.

Our aim is to reduce, as much as possible, negative impact on the environment. Thank you for your cooperation in achieving this goal.

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